Some colours have been chosen

It’s hard to write about colour selection without sounding wanky. But, okay, picking colours is hard. All we knew was that we didn’t want a totally white house (lovely as they can be). And I have been developing an interest in different shades of grey. Which, as a friend said to me, ‘five years ago I bet you wouldn’t have expected to be saying that, in normal conversation, without a hint of sarcasm’.

But anyway.

Here’s our favourite selection for the lounge:

The bottom row
The bottom row shortlist

I had an idea I wanted orange, but had worried it would be too, well…orange.

But, we found one we liked, and from the shortlist we chose this one:

Trial square
Trial square just to check it’s not too much…

I don’t think it is…so that is one decision made.

Kitchen/Diner – we don’t have much natural light in one part, so this is most likely going to be the lightest/closest to white room of the house.

Here is what we have narrowed it down to:

The bottom middle two...
The bottom middle two…

We’re thinking “Dayroom Yellow” in the diner part, “Skimming Stone” in the kitchen. God, paint names are stupid. (Though, hooray, I have picked a grey!).

The hallway is going to be the hardest decision. It’s huge, and potentially could be the same colour for three floors unless we pick some places to split it.

It could be some time before we decide from this lot…

Help please

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