Will we ever be unpacked?

We moved in here two months ago and we still have full rooms of boxes. When will it be done?!

I unpacked around another 4 boxes today and finally have put all my clothes away. Prompted by the fact that in a rush to pack for a wedding yesterday I couldn’t find my favourite ‘wedding’ bag or any shoes to go with my dress, and ended up pulling everything out of a box hunting for said items, (getting more and more angry about the fact that we can NEVER FIND ANYTHING), and so vowed to try to make more progress on the unpacking.

The week we moved in
The week we moved in (above)
Have I made any progress?
Have I made any progress?

I feel like we must have made progress. I mean, hey, you can see some floor? And there definitely ARE less boxes.

The main problem is, we don’t have places to put everything yet. In our bedroom, we have limited storage, so until we build more storage it didn’t seem worth unpacking everything. But, today, I felt differently. At least, as my other half pointed out, if I’m looking for something again I know it has to be in this one big unorganized cupboard, as opposed to anywhere amongst the mountain of boxes.

Similarly, until we do the floor in the lounge, it seems counter productive to buy and fill up bookcases, but we are starting to think perhaps we will. It’s going to be a while until we get to the lounge, so perhaps it might be nicer to have our things in the rooms they should be in, rather than in the boxes?

There’s no simple answer really. But, small steps I guess. There definitely ARE less boxes. Repeat after me.

I still didn’t find that favourite wedding bag. But I did find my kitchen clock, which I thought was lost forever. Win some, lose some and all that.

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