Your local bookshop

An East London gem
An East London gem

The fantastic Newham Bookshop is now my local bookshop and I am VERY HAPPY about it.

I am lucky enough to work in publishing as my day job, and I’ve worked for many years with the great Newham Bookshop, organising events and the like. I even did a day ‘work experience’ as a bookseller there one day about five years ago and completely loved the experience. Back then I never thought it would end up being my local bookshop, but I’m so pleased it is. It’s such a great example of how a bookshop can be at the heart of the community. It’s a real gem; stuffed full of books (obviously), with a beautiful children’s book section, staff that know literally everything, and they also host and organise fantastic events. (There’s one at Coffee7 soon, but I think it’s already sold out – check out their future events, I quite fancy the Tony Benn one)

The lovely children's section
The lovely children’s section

This Saturday (14th) they are having a Big Bookshop Party in aid of the Books are My Bag campaign which is all about supporting your high street bookshop. Newham Books have several authors there doing book signings, and are also offering 25% off their titles during the party (12-2pm). I’m definitely hoping to pop down to support them.

Go buy books from shops people!
Go buy books from shops people!

There should be several similar events happening up and down the country in a bookshop near you. The Books Are My Bag campaign is all about raising awareness of how great bookshops are and how we don’t want to lose them from our high streets. 1 in 10 bookshops closed in the last year, which is really sad.

So, check out Newham Bookshop if you’re in the area, or your local bookshop (if you’re not) to see what’s going on.

And go buy some books from an actual shop, sold to you by REAL PEOPLE (you know, rather than from Amazon).

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