Outdoor lights

We have picked and installed our external lights! And our electrician is one day away from being finished inside now. Progress!

For the front, we didn’t want anything fussy or too traditional, but it had to fit with the Victorian house obviously. We picked this Deck Light from John Lewis:


And here’s a picture of it in situ (strangely hard to take photo of):

Not the best photo but...
Not as good as the professional photo…

In the back garden, we also wanted something simple – and not too ‘hotel/spa/bar-like’ if you know what I mean. Again John Lewis came up trumps here and we ordered two of the following:

Garden Trading Company Barn Outdoor light
Garden Trading Company Barn Outdoor light

And here is one in its place in the back garden!

Just at the place where there must have once been a window
It looks better in the flesh.

Good to have these up and working, particularly now the days are getting shorter. Despite the 27 degrees today, it was almost dark by 8pm.

Sigh. Goodbye summer.

The house: before’s and writing on walls

Our house is undergoing a fairly major facelift. It’s going to take a while. Here are the ‘before’ photos. You will most likely be waiting a while for the afters, though there are a few complete jobs…to come. (Click on one photo to expand the gallery)

Actually, looking at these, which were taken about a month ago, we have made some progress. We are nearing the end of a full rewire of the house. Which means a lot of walls look like this:

New wiring for garden lights
New wiring for garden lights

And it also meant, before the rewiring process started, that we were allowed to write all over the walls:

Writing on walls. You feel like your mum is about to tell you off.
Writing on walls. You feel like your mum is about to tell you off.

We had quite a lot of notes that said ‘WE HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THIS SWITCH DOES’. Just like Monica in friends. But luckily, for us, we have a great electrician to figure it out.