As you know, the building site continues. But as we have to live in it for a while, we have decided to try to make it as nice as possible. (As nice as it can be with holes in your walls and random patches of paint everywhere).

So, I have been unpacking more and more and rearranging rooms to make them as liveable as can be. The lounge is looking more lounge-like. This is what we had for a while.

Living room (sans much furniture)
Lounge, before (and without much furniture)

The one comfy chair situation was not one that could last long when there are two of you living there. Try watching a three hour film on a deck chair and you will know what I mean.

This room doesn’t need much work really but the work isn’t going to happen for while. The plan is we need to re-plaster (it’s crumbling), then paint (we picked the colour ‘Orangery‘ already) and then hope to be able to restore the original dark wood floorboards that should be under this bamboo flooring. They look okay from the cellar, but who knows what we will find when they come up. Oh, and we also need to replace the skirting boards too. And this is a room I said didn’t need much work.

But, as there isn’t anything structural, it isn’t a priority yet. So, we need to make nice for now.

First step was thankfully being offered a sofa on loan, which has been gratefully received and much lounging has already occurred. We then moved an old shelving unit from upstairs (which we aimed to throw out, but now I’m pleased we never got round to it) and today I have filled it with just some of our books (we have way too many). And with some pictures unwrapped and balancing precariously on shelves and fireplaces, it’s just starting to look just a bit cosy:

lounge sept 13-1

That will do for a while.  We have a few weeks without workmen coming up, so I did an epic clean today so we can enjoy the dust-free weeks.

The dust-free weeks until we get our kitchen ripped out and redone, and then all the dust in the world will be upon us again.

But, for now, I have my feet up on the (borrowed) sofa and I’m not thinking about anything else but lounging.

The house: before’s and writing on walls

Our house is undergoing a fairly major facelift. It’s going to take a while. Here are the ‘before’ photos. You will most likely be waiting a while for the afters, though there are a few complete jobs…to come. (Click on one photo to expand the gallery)

Actually, looking at these, which were taken about a month ago, we have made some progress. We are nearing the end of a full rewire of the house. Which means a lot of walls look like this:

New wiring for garden lights
New wiring for garden lights

And it also meant, before the rewiring process started, that we were allowed to write all over the walls:

Writing on walls. You feel like your mum is about to tell you off.
Writing on walls. You feel like your mum is about to tell you off.

We had quite a lot of notes that said ‘WE HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THIS SWITCH DOES’. Just like Monica in friends. But luckily, for us, we have a great electrician to figure it out.